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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Ritambhara Sahni of Belly Dance Institute Mumbai - Self Profile

Ritambhara Sahni blog
Ritambhara Sahni

‘Dance & I – A Brief Self-Profile’ by Ritambhara Sahni 

Hi! I’m Ritambhara Sahni and I believe “Dance Is The Hidden Language Of The Soul”. Everything that I have achieved, and continue to strive for, emanates from this belief. Thank you for stopping by and glancing at my profile… 

belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni
Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance

They say a passion can evolve into achievements if you work hard towards your goals. Dancing for me has been my passion, my goal, my life, my destiny. I’ve worked extremely hard – as a learner and a teacher - to justify my passion. This is why, looking back at a few of my achievements makes it all worth it…  I’ve been credited as the Very First Woman to have pioneered A Western Dance Institute in Mumbai way back in 1996 (‘RSIPA’ or Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts). This bold step further empowered me to break through a couple of other new ‘Firsts’ as a Woman – I have to my credit being the ‘First Woman To Conceptualise and Choreograph India's very First Flash Mob for ‘Channel V'’; as also the ‘First Woman To Initiate Belly Dance in Mumbai’ and Establish ‘Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni’.

I founded RSIPA in 1996 when the awareness for dance schools or dance forms wasn’t too popular. Most dancing enthusiasts in Bombay were starving for options because it was either ballroom dancing or modern jazz and funk. In the 90s, for a woman to consider dancing as a career was abominable, unacceptable! But I guess my Taurean trait of digging my heels in the ground made me pursue what my mind was consumed with and what my heart beat for – Dance. 
I was blessed to have a progressive and supportive father, who felt it quite alright for me to give up on my bright prospects in the field of Law and Finance. He encouraged me to dance, and pursue the Performing Arts – and this became my life – I breathed dance, I ate dance, I walked dance and I talked dance. And I’d wake up to a new morning everyday not wanting to change any part of that equation! 

However, I was multi-tasking Dance with Law and a CA Foundation Course, but one year down the line I quit both and focused all my energies on Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts. I realized that I love dance as much as I love teaching dance. The sense of freedom I feel when my body moves to the rhythm of music is what I wished to share with everyone. And my real satisfaction comes from seeing that same sense of liberation on the faces of my students when they revel in this divinity called dance. Teaching is an art in itself – you share a part of yourself with those you teach and the learning of your student is the biggest reward of all teaching. So, I started teaching – initially small batches of girls at my place... this grew into a full-fledged chain of centers across Mumbai in a few years.

With a lot of hard work and single-minded dedication, RSIPA became a well-known dance brand in South Bombay and a few choice suburbs. Soon, the media took notice. The following interview (on Zee News) was taken in (year) when RSIPA had over (number) centers across Mumbai. The interview featured me alongside today’s greats like Sandip Soparkar and Shaimak Davar, in keeping with the fact that I was the first woman to have single-handedly do both - establish a professional, certified Western Dance School in Mumbai as well as teach old school Hip Hop [Popping and Locking ] and the new style hip hop back then. 

  My passion for learning is second only to that of teaching and I thrive on new forms of dance. So in 2005, I professionally learnt and got Belly Dance as a popular dance form to Mumbai and went on to establish The Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. I’m thrilled to share with you that both my dance academies – ‘Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For The Performing Arts’ (1996) and ‘Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni’ (2005) - have been going strong since and redefined success, year after year. I measure success based on the confidence and smiles that I have been able to generate in the hearts of thousands of students to date – children, women, men – across all ages and all walks of life.   

Belly Dance Institute Mumbai Review
Ritambhara Belly Dance

RSIPA offers you the opportunity to learn all Free Style Western Dance Forms including Hip Hop and Funk, Jazz, Contemporary and of course, Bollywood! Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni offers all forms of Belly Dance and its various forms, fusions and props. 
I would love to share with you how I’ve worked towards converting my childhood dreams about dance into today’s successful realities, and what it took to overcome the numerous challenges along the way. 

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belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni blogs

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