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I always wanted to get married by the age of 25-26 years, have children by 28 and be happily married ever after. A common dream for many girls. Finally, with the help of my parents and relatives, I found an arranged match. I felt a connection with this guy, and it was reciprocated. Soon after, we got engaged and the first  2 months were so magical. I believed i had finally found true love and the man of my dreams. He would talk to me all day and night. I just loved the feeling! He also would tell me that I needed to lose weight, grow my hair longer and would eventually like to see me that way. I really wanted to put in the effort and do it all  for him. I really wanted to please him and make him happy. I felt awesome being with him but simultaneously felt the  pressure as well, to become what he wanted me to be.

I decided to join a dance form to get fitter and with a little research I chose belly dance. A friend recommended me to join Belly Dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni for the same, as she had done her classes with them. So I went ahead and joined  them. Belly Dance always looked amazing. I did tell the instructor that I wanted to lose weight for my marriage and they should help me to do so. However they said that they can only teach me the art of belly dancing but specified that there was  NO GUARANTEE for weight loss. So I decided to join the gym, alongside belly dancing. 

The class was definitely fun and i found myself loving every moment and i simply fell in love with belly dancing and my belly dancing belt. Ritambhara Sahni was a great entertainer. However down the line I realized that this weight loss, long hair was turning out to be immense pressure. I decided to finally  ask my fiance that if I would not lose weight and look the way he wanted me to…then what??? And so…I did…I asked him. And what he replied was very hurtful. He gave me the ultimatum by saying that if I am not capable of losing weight then it’s really going to affect our love life and it saddened me to see that he truly meant it. He said that he would marry me nonetheless  [like he was doing me a big favour] but my weight would be a problem and it would have an adverse affect in many aspects of our marriage. I was heartbroken and sad but I decided to put this aside for a moment, brighten  my mood, attend my class and simply  belly dance. Even at home i would put on belly dance belt at all times and keep practicing the belly dance techniques.

Going to class and belly dancing was the only thing I could do to feel positive as this uplifting dance made me feel so wonderful and happy!  It was really the only thing that made me feel confident. My friends and the new friends I met  at class were in awe as they  watched me do those mesmerizing belly dance moves. No one was really bothered by my weight, they didn’t  care if I was plump, all they just wanted to see was me dancing over and over again. And so I did…! I felt the power of confidence within, and I realized that because of belly dance I had become so popular amongst my friends that eventually I started feeling comfortable in my own skin. People who didn’t  know me so well initially, were also getting attracted to the person i had become. I HAD FINALLY STARTED TO LOVE MYSELF and it was exactly at this moment that I very naturally stopped loving and respecting my fiance.  My God..i dumped him in no time, and told him that this is the way I was and if he does not like me for who and what I was then I definitely was not the right girl for him. WOW, dumping him felt damn good. 

I confided in my teacher Ritambhara Sahni about the same and she was really proud of me like all my friends. She just told me one thing and that was to never give up, and keep trying. She told me to  meet as many guys as I could and someday I would meet my true love and of course keep the shimmy on and that is to keep belly dancing. She told me  this repeatedly at class and motivated me every time.
I followed her guidance, connected with many guys keeping my stand that I am comfortable in my own skin. The guys I met loved my confidence. I was now high on not only self – belief but also self-esteem. 

So I just want to say to all you women out there that belly dance has empowered me, it has I would say, given me a new meaning to life. I feel the self-belief was a process which  took it’s time but belly dance definitely multiplied the process and the results. 
If belly dance appeals to you as a woman…please go ahead and join it and personally for me belly dance institute Mumbai is an amazing place to learn and grow as a belly dance artist and evolve as a person and Ritambhara Sahni has been a great teacher , friend and guide.
Supriya (name changed )

 Its an inspiring story and i'm so glad i was a part of her inspiration and accomplishment.
Love the love i receive from my students.
its the purest love one can get.
i love watching how my students get into a relationship with their bodies and i love it when my higher level students evolve in their own unique styles.
The friendships that have grown out of my class which once started in my class makes me feel proud and accomplished.
Ritambhara sahni


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HIP-NOSIS MUMBAI - AN EVENT organised by belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhar Sahni to give so many students a platform to perform. Belly dance alone empowers you. When you perform this beautiful dance art- you do not only feel empowered but you feel magically powerful like some super hero. Yes- its a survey that we did with all our students after they performed and also with the director Ritambhara Sahni. Ritambhara Sahni says that 'performing makes you feel so good about yourself that performing itself motivates you to do so many other things and you end up achieving many unacheived  goals.' 'It eventually becomes a positive addiction and you just now want to perform again again'


Well more than the response on facebook and instagram where we shared this post, Ritambhara Sahni got calls from so many students who were inspired with the story. Some even shared theirs and said they would not mind sharing them on the internet as they loved the way this story inspires females.
The idea behind this story is that one out of four girls do go through this in their lives and feel they are unlucky but that's not true. No one should be what others want them to be. You are beautiful really the way you are - says Ritambhara Sahni. If someone does not want you for the way you are over and above for what they want you to be....please walk over and ahead says Sahni. I find intelligence and beauty in each and every female and I 100 percent believe each and every female is powerful within and sometimes unaware of her strength and power. If  belly dance appeals to, belly dance can empower you but if it does not then something else will. Keep going  and keep trying. EVERY FEMALE IS INTELLIGENT, POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL.

My students always do this- they love to share the post and tag me -it feels so awesome. This story being read by so many of my students and getting now over 5000 views in that week, we had a discussion on this topic post class - it was a let out for some and an inspiration for many many including me post the discussion. Will post the discussion real soon out here. Stay tuned. 
To discuss over true issues on women empowerment and with students who achieve it through the power of belly dance is one of my biggest accomplishments. 



Ritambhara Sahni belly dance

Some more student Reviews on Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni
I was so excited to learn belly dancing when I heard one of my friends joining Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute. The entire registration process was so cordial as I even had one of the representative of the institute collect the fees from my house as I could not make it to pay the fees which is the best service I have got. On day one of my class least that I was expecting Ritambhara herself being there but I was wrong, there she was the diva of belly dancing. She made me feel so comfortable and it didn`t feel like it was day one of class. As a teacher she is very graceful, dynamic, enthusiastic, motivating, passionate about her work, full of zest, extremely dedicated towards her students and last but not least she has a streak of naughtiness and is fun loving which makes her a spirited teacher. I would recommend every individual who wishes to learn dancing to join her lovely institute.
Its been almost a month since iv joined ritus academy n its been the most enriching experience fr a true dance lover like me. The best part is that Ritu gives individual attention to all her students and makes sure she`s a part of All the classes which is rarely seen in other classes. Apart from being a fabulous teacher and being excellent at her craft she`s a fabulous human being with some strong principles n values. Proud to b associated wit ritu`s academy and looking forward to excelling in the dance forms wit the same amount of passion that she has.
I joined Ritambharas belly dance institute with no prior dance experience and as stiff as a post. The first few days were a huge struggle and I began to feel this was a crazy idea. Not everybody can paint on instinct like I do and so maybe I cant dance like they do. Well so I thought. Ritambhara can make anyone dance and flex the stiffest muscle. With a gregarious personality and a genuinely happy person, her classes are alot of fun. An incredibly graceful danseuse with alot of experience up her sleeve I am always so grateful I began dancing under her expertise. She has a great way of explaining every step and will tell it to you in a way that will not make you forget easily. A fantastic teacher and an incredible person I`m glad I got to know her and be a part of this institute
Belly Dance institute Mumbai is a temple of dance, where Ritambara Sahni does not only create flawless belly dancers, but she creates Goddesses.
Ritambhara Sahni belly dance
Ritambhara Sahni's student in her show

No matter how my week was, on Sundays I feel like a goddess who can conquer the world with her beautiful and sensuous moves. Ritambhara breaks down each technique to make it easier and ensures we do it perfectly. Every girl, woman, lady should learn belly dancing and learn it for sure only at Belly Dance Institute of Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni
Every correcting that we receive from BELLY DANCE INSTITUTE MUMBAI By Ritambhara Sahni feels like a gift from our teacher who sees greater potential in us.if someone is interested in learning belly dancing this is the place to learn from . Ritambhara maam has taught me and she is indeed one of the best person to learn from.this institute teaches us “if you want to start loving your body then teach it to movie in ways you never thought it could”
Experience of learning with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahani has been fun, and liberating for me. Encouragement and patience- these two are attributes of this institute. I had heard that dancing liberates you. But I did not knew how. Coming here past 10 months,dancing and being with girls from all walks of life, `fun and learn` with Ritambhara , great dance studio and watching myself sway to music – whole experience with this institute has made me love myself more. This self-love gives you freedom. It is true. Dancing liberates you.
RITAMBHARA SAHNI`S BELLY DANCE INSTITUTE MUMBAI is a place for every women who WORSHIPS dancing. This kind of dance form was somewhere hidden In today`s world, and as now people are being aware of it , I FEEL IF YOU DON`T KNOW BELLY DANCING YOU ARE INCOMPLETE AS A WOMEN. This is the best form of dancing and specially when you are under the guidance of RITAMBHARA SAHNI WHO I WORSHIP AND IS OUR GURU IN THIS DANCING WORLD, your life is made as all your DREAMS TO BE A BELLY DANCER COME TRUE. I REALLY WANT TO THANK MY TEACHER RITAMBHARA SAHNI FOR THIS.


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  2. The Belly dance institute Mumbai... a total fun-filled experience. Ever since I have joined this institute I have learnt alot of things. The positive energy in the class, the motivation coming from the instructor gives me a push to learn more and enjoy the dance form.

  3. Oh my gosh. Extremelyinspirational. Yes I am Ritambhara sahni's student and I totally agree that she is a great friend teacher n guide. Belly dance with Ritambhara is magical and so much fun. I relate to your inspiration from her and congratulations on your empowerment with this beautiful dance art.

  4. The story of this lady is wonderful, i am glad to be a part of Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. The effort made by Ritambhara Sahni to empower women and her positivity gives energy to all of us and learn and enhance our skills.

  5. Mam my sister has also joined your class. I just read this article from her facebook wall and I really want to say that I feel Ritambhara Sahni is a brand for inspiration to all women. The way you inspire females with your teachings in dance and encourage them in every way possible way is remarkable. We have seen tremendous positive changes in her at such a young age. Belly Dance institute mumbai is definitely a temple I would say that every female should worship

  6. Been a part of your institute 10 years back even when u taught hip hop. You were an inspiration then and even today. Learning belly dance with you is a beautiful experience and inspirational of course. This is a very very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing this Ritambhara mam

  7. Ritambhara mam. this is a great story. thank you for sharing. you have always been a great motivator. a friend and a guide. love the encouragement and motivation we receive from this story and I completely agree to everything and relate completely. thank you for sharing this. read it 4 times again next again. reminds me of my time with u for hip hop

  8. Ritambhara mam. this is a great story. thank you for sharing. you have always been a great motivator. a friend and a guide. love the encouragement and motivation we receive from this story and I completely agree to everything and relate completely. thank you for sharing this. read it 4 times again next again. reminds me of my time with u for hip hop

  9. Awesome story ...very empowering indeed...yes thts wat Ritu does to all of us thru her art...which is y v luv her

  10. It is indeed a great story..Even i can relate to the feeling of empowerment.. Thanks for sharing this..

  11. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute mumbai has been one of the best decisions in my life. I really never thought I would belly dance leave alone dance. A friend had recommended me to join because as a child and an adult today this was the only dance form that fainted me and I really just had to do it. It's been 2 months and I would say my childhood dream has come true. I have not only learnt but I will be performing also real soon in Ritambhara Sahni's show . Joining here is not only a life changer for me but for so many other females who are also my batch mates. I agree belly dance is a childhood dream for so many females.I love your story Ritambhara Sahni. So glad u bought belly dance to Mumbai. Thank u for sharing your story here. I plan to go ahead and join and do all the levels and take this on professionally.

  12. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute mumbai has been one of the best decisions in my life. I really never thought I would belly dance leave alone dance. A friend had recommended me to join because as a child and an adult today this was the only dance form that fainted me and I really just had to do it. It's been 2 months and I would say my childhood dream has come true. I have not only learnt but I will be performing also real soon in Ritambhara Sahni's show . Joining here is not only a life changer for me but for so many other females who are also my batch mates. I agree belly dance is a childhood dream for so many females.I love your story Ritambhara Sahni. So glad u bought belly dance to Mumbai. Thank u for sharing your story here. I plan to go ahead and join and do all the levels and take this on professionally.

  13. this is really a very inspirational story. i totally agree to this girls decision to leave that guy because anyone who wants you to be the way they want you to be have a serious problem in life and its their problem not ours. its not a happy place to be. yes of course belly dance empowers you and i have also felt the same in your class Ritambhara mam. learning and achieving so much under your expert guidance has been a very positive part of my journey to dance. belly dance in its own way has also helped me in different aspects of my life in its own empowering ways along with your guidance and motivation. i can definitely relate to every part of this article as i have been in your class and can live the story. i also dated this guy several times and always he had a problem with my dressing or my make up or how i wanted to be. i hated it completely. it dissolved on its own because i lost attraction to his dominating nature . great story Ritambhara mam. thank u for sharing this

  14. Thank you so much dear. Thank you for sharing your story too. Belly dance no doubt empowers us and makes us do so many things that we could not earlier. Yes because of insecurity or some negative influence we hold ourselves back and suffer in many situations but i have seen the effect of belly dance and dance and how it can be life changing. Sharing this article was a must because it really changed this girls life for the positive and how. Im so glad this story has inspired so many females and assures me again and again that it was a great decision to share it.Thank u so much my dear :)

  15. Ritambhara Sahni mam . You really have always been a true inspiration to all. i love the way you teach and have always taught me so well. you are a beautiful and extremely graceful dancer. you do create magic when you dance. I can totally relate to the inspiration this girl got from you on a personal level. i have seen how you motivate and inspire your students and my inspiration is you and always will be you. reading this story reminds me of similar stories of so many females but this story will definitely help many females out there to take their stand and stay strong till they really find the right guy who loves them for what they are and not what they want you to be. thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story. belly dance institute Mumbai is Mumbai's best dance belly dance school.Ritambhara Sahni's institutr for the performing arts always rocked and Ritambhara mam you will always rock. you are truely the best teacher, motivator, dancer , friend , guide and person i have known and know. love you always

    1. Thank you so so much Sandhyaa. You really make me feel so good and just put me up there. Love is unconditional. It really should not have any conditions. the moment there are conditions , it has no meaning and value according to me. This was an arranged match for the girl and in arranged marriages there are really conditions and people really feel they have the right to lay down conditions as its an arranged match and two people dint know each other when they met. But what happens after you like the person and grow from like to towards a strong bond of love. i guess that time theseconditions should not matter. i wrote this story about how i would want my lover to be and its my favorite love story. The love here is magical and unconditional . read it if you get time...heres the link..
      yes i agree a lot of females do go through this as usually arranged matches do lay down conditins. if the girl lives upto them, then she is lucky without knowing what really happened out there, if she cant she is so brutually put down mentally and emotionally. this is what brings down her self esteem. We have to love who we are and then we can attract people to love who we are and have the intelligence, power and strength to reject someone who claims to like and want us and get us to be what they want. Arranged matches are not bad i feel, love being conditional is incorrect. Thanks for loving my story so much and love the love i receive from my students. thank you once again . love you my dear.

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  17. I was really reading and waiting until the end to know what happened. I like the way you write mam. It's a nice story and we do learn something from it.

  18. Was nodding my head throughout the story and just agreed on everything. It's a gripping story for sure. Kept me totally engaged. I still want to know what this girl eventually did with her life and where is she now

  19. I have also seen a friend of mine being in this mentally abusive relationship. Her partner just use to keep telling her about her skin, her hair, her figure, her height and would not stop demeaning her. The worst thing he did was to compere her to others. Comparison can kill you. When a loved one does not appreciate you for what you are and demeans you to be like others he admires, it’s a death of that person who has to live up. Parents also compere their children to others and it truly kills the spirit of a child. No one has the right to tell u what they want u to be, they should not be with u in the 1st place. Girls should realize that they should be loved for the way they are. This is truly a good and extremely inspirational story. Does teach a lot of girls who are really unaware and traditionally Indian to make right decisions. Of course I have known you to be a motivator and you an amazing dance teacher and a teacher also who can teach you about life. Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni is a great place and it’s amazing coz of you. I have been your student and have seen your efforts . You sure are a great great teacher and the best teacher I could get. This is the best belly dance class in the world for me and not just the best belly dance class in Mumbai. Proud to be your student – Ritambhara Sahni. I remember my 1st day with you. You made me laugh so much on day one of class and you taught me with such ease. You are just so professional. You have worked really hard mam and im your student for life and want to be a part of belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni in every possible way.

    1. My God , you have made me feel on top of the moon. Thank you so much for all your love and appreciation that you have given me as your belly dance teacher and i love you too Nikshita. Im so proud to be your belly dance teacher and i really thank you to give me this awesome opportunity to teach you the art of belly dance. I always love the love i receive from my belly dance students.We have always seemed to agree on so many things my dear apart from belly dancing. You yourself are a very strong woman and as i have always said a woman of great self esteem is you. Thanks for putting me up there :). Yes i so agree that people who love us have to like us for who we are and not what they want us to be. Belly dance truly empowers each and every female and in turn makes her feel assertive about herself to realize what she should or should not attract in her life. Yes the day 1 of your belly dance class in my Khar center in Mumbai i remember, you laughed at all my silly you have always encouraged my silly humor and allowed me and given me greater confidence to say more silly thngs...hahaha. i totally appreciate that :). Yes and coming back to your topic on comparison i so so agree that it can surly kill a person. Nikshita you also motivate me in so many ways as a student with your hard work and commitment. I dont want you to be my student for life. i want you to eventually grow as a professional and walk side by side with me in this professional world of belly dance. i see you rise up as a professional belly dance artist real soon. Love you and want you to be a part of my life always always and always. belly dance institute Mumbai is not just about Ritambhara Sahni. Its about her students as well. So u definately are a big part of the family at belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni.

  20. Belly dance Institute Mumbai can make you rise to a higher level and it sure did for my sisters life and after reading this i to shall express my story here in words with Ritambhara Sahni and belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni . Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai is indeed a life rising experience and i can surly say that. I also say that belly dance Institute Mumbai is one of the best places you could learn belly dance from as it surly risens your horizons in all aspects of life which is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Have witnessed all ths to say this for sure for at belly dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. So this is what i want to express our about Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance Institute Mumbai-- My sister would hardly talk . It was out of the question for us to know or realize what she wished as she would talk very less. But Of course she had a clean heart right from her childhood days. In all sort of ways we asked her what she wished and what she would want from life but we would not get to know . So, a day came when she saw belly dance and we she said that she loved what she saw and at last after so long she said on her own that she wanted to learn belly dance. We searched on the internet, and many other places for belly dance classes in Mumbai and found yours to be the best belly dance class in Mumbai - Ritambhara Sahni. We did call you as soon as we could and we met up with you and got her registered at belly dance Institute Mumbai. My sister had shown a tremendous change from day 1 of your class. A female who would hardly talk and speak was now having a poweful mind of her own. Her performance in Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance show was just amazing. I did not expect my sister to get on to stage like that and give such a great performance. Belly dance has truely empowered my sister nothing would be possible without your motivation. Ritambhara Sahni's motivation and the positivity of belly dance Institute Mumbai definately empowers a female. Thanks belly dance institute Mumbai and thanks Ritambhara Sahni for bringing my sister to this high level. We all are thankful to you ritambhara Sahni. belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni rocks!!

  21. Hey.. This is so nice to read. Thank you so much and feels good that my essays and write ups and real life reviews of my students are being read with so much of attention and heart. Belly dance institute Mumbai is vey close to my heart and I , Ritambhara Sahni would say its my dream , I am living my dream daily and to reach out to people and make a difference in their lives with my belly dance classes here in Mumbai is a greater dream come true. So reading this makes me so proud of your sister and me :). Thanks for the lovly wishes and compliments Marzy. I have known you as well and you are just an amazing person. Yes, I totally agree your sisters performance in My institutes show - belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni - Hip-nosis Mumbai was her biggest achievement and I myself was delighted to watch her dance so gracefully and with so much of ease. She sure did surprise me as well with her beautiful expressions. Your sister is definitely a more confident person as of today and laughs with me . It feels awesome. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance Institute Mumbai is 11 years old but still feels like I launch it daily, build it daily and hold it together each time. Your sister is a part of our family right here at belly dance institute Mumbai and my instructors and me - Ritambhara Sahni simply adore her. Thank you for giving belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni the opportunity to teach her. thank you so much :)

  22. I have a demanding professional life. Belly dance provides me, a fun and creative way of spending my time in a way that i do release my stress and i enrich myself as well. Every review or testimonial i read here gushes about their teachers’ patience, skill and dedication – and this one will be no different. I am a student at her Andheri center and it was really worth the wait for her to start here as they were based in south Mumbai and bandra Khar for a long time. Ritambhara Sahni mam and her team of instructors have earned every word. They are bright, skilled, professional engaging and are genuinely concerned about improving all of their students’ belly dancing in a professional and non-pressured manner. Their belly dance classes in Mumbai permit students to learn at their own pace. The group classes give students an opportunity to refine their fundamentals, and the Saturday evening extra classes for me are a welcome opportunity to enjoy my improved dancing among friends.” Ritambhara Sahni creates excellent routines that everyone no matter how old you are can achieve. A belly dance class in Mumbai- my dream city- I look forward to going to, which unlike the gym means I actually go every week. I laugh so much during class because it's so much fun. It has really helped me keep the weight off and changed my body shape. Also i would say, This is what encouraged me to get my exercise mojo back after having my daughter.. now in the best shape I've been in a long time .. even pre baby and loving it. It doesn't feel like your even exercising at times .. belly dance institute Mumbai is surly highly recommended. I love love love belly dancing and Ritambhara Sahni mam is a brilliant dance teacher. :)